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Tilly Twist is a full time professional circus performer and has never worked as anything else (apart from the year out after college as a waitress, but that was AGES ago!)

Since attending Circomedia, the UK's premier Circus and Theatre School, in 2005, she has made it her buisness to entertain, amuse and share her skills with the world.

Her first love was juggling, but during 2008 she discovered a love for pink, spotty items and hula hoops and has not been the same since then!

Tilly loves her job and finding new things to amuse herself - and others.  Refining and developing her acts, working on new material and collaborations with other artists play an important role for her, and she is also a founding member of UK based charity Performers Without Borders, an organisation dedicated to bringing circus skills and the benefits they bring to children around the world.

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