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Tilly Twist

 Fire Shows

Tilly has been performing with fire for more than 15 years and has worked across the UK and world performing her firey arts.  She works regularly with Juggling Inferno and Flaming Fun and has worked with Chimera, Flame Oz, Fiery Jack Entertainment and Alchemy Theatre.

Fully Insured and with a wealth of experience, fire entertainment from Tilly is not to be missed!

4 Fire hula hoops -Juggling Inferno
Tilly Twist on fire!
Duo Show 2014
Juggling Inferno 2012

Fire Show:

A fully choreographed show, featuring ALL of the fire!  Fire juggling, eating fire, hula hooping with fire, spinning and twirling of fire, and of course, music to compliment the firey feats.  The show lasts up to 25 minutes and can even feature a 'human catherine wheel' finale.  This suits all events from Weddings and Parties to corperate events and of course Guy Fawkes events.


Ambient Fire Entertainment:

If you prefer, Tilly can provide ambient fire acts over the course of your event or party, something to catch the eye and entertain.


Bigger shows:

Want something even more impressive?  Tilly can provide 2 or more performers and you get even more fire! Watch in amazment as fire is spun around - even around each other!


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